Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Spa Day!

Yesterday John whisked me away for a full day at the spa.
It was beyond amazing!
And even sweeter was that it was what he asked for as his graduation present!
We left around 8 am and drove out past Coburg to get to the spa by 10 am - with the required stop at Tim Horton's for breakfast.
We checked in, got into our bathing suits and bath robes and hit the eucalyptus steam room and the outdoor warm pool, hot tub and cold plunge (twice, yikes!).
At 11:45 we went for our couples massage - my RMT was not impressed with how tight my back is. Whoops. He also basically called me out on studying by sitting cross-legged on the couch hunched over my books/computer.
The massage was heaven though. I was afraid because it was more of a deep tissue massage that I would scream or start laughing - which I do.
I didn't thankfully!
After that we had a delicious lunch which we ate in our bathrobes in a lovely dinning room. Quite the experience.
Then we missed our yoga class (whoops) so we rescehduled ourselves into a meditation class. Basically we lay on a mat, under a blanket, with essential oils and eye masks and fell asleep as a woman with a very calming voice spoke to us.
We had tea before that, again in bath robes.
All in all it was a very relaxing and overwhelmingly amazing day!
It's pricey but I want to go back!
If you want to go to a beautiful and luxurious spa I HIGHLY recommend Ste. Anne's!
I think I might take my mom there for her birthday!

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