Thursday, January 20, 2011

Voice Your Choice: Brownie Poll

Having become known as "Sara Lee" around the office I do my school placement in (it was too late to tell them I'd prefer "Martha"), it has become the norm that on Tuesdays there will be baked goods for the staff to enjoy.
Yesterday my title as the office baker was finally challenged.
Well, kind of.
Let me explain.
Since I started bringing things in, some of the workers would ask for certain types like "chocolatey", cookies, etc. Yesterday brownies were requested and it became known that one of the younger guys who works there makes amazing brownies.
And thus the brownie bake-off idea was born.
I am a graceful loser (...on the outside) and weird as it may sound, in certain situations I almost prefer losing as I know I can handle it and then I don't have to deal with a sore loser.
But I don't want to be shown up at this challenge.
And if I do lose, I want to know that I brought my A-game and did the best I could.
So here's where I need your opinions!
I'd like to hope that this is the first of a new series I will call:
I searched the Martha website and picked several brownie recipes that I think could be contenders.
Even if you're someone who reads this blog unbeknowst to me (which essentially is anyone not in my family) leave me your choice!
Chances are if you stumbled across this blog, I probably creep you on facebook anyway so it won't be at all awkward. To me anyway.
So before I go any further in making myself look like a weirdo, here are your choices:

4. Cappuccino Brownies

I'll be baking these either Sunday or Monday night so get your votes in ASAP!


  1. Rocky Road LOOK the prettiest, but I don't love marshmallows that aren't s'mores...

    Peanut butter would be my first choice, but I don't want you to die...

    I also think the cream cheese swirl ones would be pretty.

    I'm apparently really concerned about the aesthetics of the brownie choices today :)


  2. I could use my handy-dandy soy butter substitute!
    So "Peanut" Butter: 1 vote.

  3. This is a difficult choice! I love turtle brownies but substituting the pecans might be impossible. I'd be interested in knowing how your soy substitute works in the peanut butter brownies. Love the swirl. Maybe you should make a couple of them tonight and have John test them? I love cheesecake also but as Andrea commented they aren't as aesthetical pleasing.